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  • Anonymous asked : I started attempting pixel art in my early teens but never found myself talented enough to graduate from the school of edits even after 2 or so years of mucking about and while people like you and other various talent artists have been my idol I just could never seem to step closer to you realm ;-; Please teach me the ways of the true pixel masters.

    Well, to be honest that feeling probably wont go away. I feel envious of so many mega talented artists that im not even close to skill wise (and they would feel the same about their idols) Its all about dealing with those feelings. Im in no way an authority on pixel art but i feel like if you just force yourself to put your work out there and practice, you will make it. With me, i started to make a work flow that gets better results than just drawing straight ahead with no concept of what i want to make. For example when i plan a character, I try and make texture spheres that embody the colour schemes of that character. Just stick it out and never stop drawing, hope that helps.

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  • blazemalefica:

    *Trying to draw the Dragonrider*

    How do I make a shitty boss look epic?


    Im in the same boat, hes just a red dude with a halberd…

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  • Anonymous asked : You are awesome! May I ask what program you use?

    I use photoshop, i make the canvas low res and use the pen tool

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  • Anonymous asked : you are amazing


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